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“AXEAR”, Japan’s First App That Intergrates “AXE” and AR Technology Coming Soon This Fall!

ONE WORLD Co., Ltd. announced to release the app called “AXEAR” this Fall, which intergrates “AXE”.

“AXEAR” is the Japan’s first groundbreaking app that combines cryptocurrency and AR, becoming high-profile since they all expect the appearance of new entertainment service that will increase liquidity of “AXE”.

In addition, they say a portion of profits by “AXE” through “AXEAR” would be used as social contribution activities.

President Inui said, “We support them as part of social contribution activities via ICO, yet cryptocurrencies being treated as a form of speculation, where we’re not able to define most of them as currencies with actual demand.

So we stared developing “AXEAR” since we thought we shuold focus on prioritizing the access to reliable sources of liquidity for establishing cryptocurrency.

Also, “AXEAR” works not only as an entertainment service to increase liquidity of “AXE”, but also as a platform to encourage the contribution to society.

We believe it’s a new initiative for changing the concept of cryptocurrencies in the future.”

The development already started, the app and service will be launched this Fall.
We are anticipating their future development, and their service, “AXEAR” that combines the cryptocurrency in Japan, and AR technology.