Touch Ad.

What Is Touch Ad.?

Touch Ad is the “Distributing Video Advertisement Service” linking “advertisers” and “consumers”.

-Why We Do This?

Recently, one of the most high-profile type of ads in the world is video advertisement.
Still, there’re some of challenges and problems for “advertiser” and “consumer” in each situation.

■The challenge For Advertisement
Companies will have to enable the appropriate targets to watch the videos of our services and products, which will increase brand awareness.

■The Problems For Consumers
They don’t want to watch videos they’re not interested in, and they just want information they need.

-Our Goal To Achieve

Bridging the gap between “advertiser” and “cosumer” simply, we will enable “advertisers” to see products and “consumers” to watch videos only needed, solving the respective challenges and problems to enhance the value of advertising video.