Touch Pay

What Is Touch-Pay?

With the distribution and introduction of tablet devices, we will provide the environment for the various payments options with cashless.

-Why We Do This?

Japan is lagging behind the European and US in the cashless settlement right now.

  • Currency environment: Japanese yen as a fiat currency is high-profile and trusted in the world.
  • Social environment: Japanese yen is easy to be accepted in the social environment as well since it is well-used as real money.
  • Commercial environment: There are some problems where retail shops have to pay an initial cost (for the system installation), transaction fee (expensive), and the cost (for the slow payment schedule).

-Our goal

Distributing and installing more than 300,000 tablet devices by 2020, we will provide the cashless ecosystem via Touch-Pay toward Tokyo Olympics.
Furthermore, we will provide and develop the useful services for the shop owners and consumers as well with tablet devices.