Touch mall

What is Touch mall?

Biggest EC site where you can use Bitcoin as settlement in Japan.

-Why we do this?

With the coming unprecedented ageing society, 1 in 4 of the whole population are said to be older than 65 years old now, but there’re about seven million people who are disadvantaged shoppers in Japan, and the social environment has been built where it’s not even easy to do daily shopping as part of our lives.
Also, the range of options for “shopping ” in general has been extended and more difficult.

-Our goal is:

Not only to provide necessary “products” and “services” for “consumers” but also to extend and make them developed into the shopping site, and to provide the new value.
To become the indispensable exiistence and the part of your lives as “Touch mall” for “consumers”.
To support crypto world for AXE to be the valuable blockchain-token, increasing market liquidity with “Touch mall”on its axis.

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